Frequently asked questions

Our reservation system has many functions that help us improve our services and prevent inaccurate data from being entered into the system, for which reason we need correct and accessible contact details from every passenger that we can use to send confirmation of reservations and news on extraordinary situations. Following initial registration, it will also be quicker for passengers to make a reservation.

Yes. Our new reservation system makes it possible for passengers to make a reservation in the preferred currency of their choice. Payment is possible in CZK, CHF and EUR.

Each passenger can add two telephone numbers to their profile. Each telephone number must be verified during registration or at a later date in the passenger’s account settings with a verification SMS text message. When you make a reservation, you can then choose which telephone number you wish to have a confirmation SMS text message sent to.

You have to state a telephone number in order for us to be able to confirm your reservation and inform you of any extraordinary situations (e.g. delays). You should enter your telephone number without the international code (you will select the international code from the preceding options) and without zero at the beginning. For Czech telephone numbers, this means, for example, +420 602333369, for Swiss telephone numbers +41 761234567.

Yes. The second step includes the option “Reserve in the name of another person”, where you can enter the forename and surname of a passenger and the telephone number to which confirmation of reservation and any messages about extraordinary situations will be sent.

Yes. Our new reservation system enables payments when boarding the coach and on-line card payments. Following payment, the passenger will receive confirmation of payment, and a ticket in his/her name will be ready in the coach where he/she will not need to make any further payment.

Payment when boarding the coach is an advantage available only to reliable passengers who cancel their reservation in good time if their plans change and thereby make it possible for someone else to travel. This option is initially open to every passenger. If this option is not available to you, you have evidently failed to take up a previous reservation without cancellation or apology.

We do not want to place any unnecessary restrictions on our passengers and do not mind if you have 1, 2 or 3 standard pieces of luggage with you. By standard luggage, we mean a suitcase or bag up to a weight of 30 kg and dimensions not exceeding 30 x 60 x 80 cm. You must give notification of oversized luggage in advance, and a charge of 400 CZK / 20 CHF / 20 EUR is made for the transportation of each such piece of luggage.

You may travel with sports equipment of this kind. Passengers are, however, obliged to inform us of this in advance. Such equipment must be packed in such a way that it does not damage other pieces of luggage. The price for the transportation of each such piece of equipment is 400 CZK / 20 CHF / 20 EUR.

Reservations with payment when boarding the coach are free of charge and based on mutual trust and decency. Passengers who are unable to travel must cancel their reservations in order to free up their seats for other passengers. Just like restaurants and doctors, for example, our coaches also have limited capacity.

A reservation may be cancelled if payment is made in advance, with a cancellation fee of 10 % charged for the return of the price to the passenger’s account. In the case of a change to the passenger’s travel date, the first change of reservation is free. A charge of 10 % of the price may be made on any subsequent change.

The transportation of unaccompanied children is a highly non-standard matter and is subject to strict conditions. In such case please contact us at

The transportation of animals is generally prohibited by our company, as people allergic to animal fur also travel with us. We are, however, willing to make an exception under certain conditions in the case of cats or small dogs of non-combat breeds. If you want to travel with an animal of this kind, please contact us at and we will be happy to tell you everything you need to know.

Our coaches operate scheduled international routes with a clear timetable that our passengers rely on to be able to catch further connections at our destinations. For this reason, passengers must be at the point of departure 20 minutes at the latest before the scheduled departure of the given connection, otherwise their reservation/ticket need not be accepted.

No. The only price discount possible is for children up to and including the age of 12 and seniors aged 65 and above, which we pay from our own resources and for which we receive no compensation from anyone. Every journey on our coaches has its value and we do not want to increase prices artificially to allow for special offers and discounts.

The best thing to do is to call us on the telephone number +420 602 333 369 or write to us at the e-mail address You can also use our profiles on the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Reservations can be made no longer than two months before the departure of the given coach, at which time the connection will appear in the reservation system. You can, however, reserve a seat just a week before departure or even on the day of departure if there are still vacant seats on the coach.